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Cube U21GT Dual Core RK3066 Tablet PC 7 inch 1280*800 IPS Android 4.1 HDMI 16GB

Cube U21GT Dual Core RK3066 Tablet PC 7 inch 1280*800 IPS Android 4.1 HDMI 16GB

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I can't say which on

I can't say which one is best as I haven't used all of these myself. Personally I use Nokia C6-01 and it seems to be good one. It runs on Symbian Anna. But Symbian may not be havnig too many apps to chose from as compared to iOS or Android. It stays on for 2 days in power saving mode.I saw some glitches in bluetooth functionality and that was annoying.Like or Dislike: 0
Review by Paul / (Posted on 10/25/2014)

cube u21gt

+1 and more to Daniel's review. I have the same problems.
1) with battery's life and
2) with the constant wifi disconnection
Review by kyrgias / (Posted on 4/23/2014)

Fantastic screen but poor battery and Wi-Fi performance

I have used the Cube U21GT now for about two months and my verdict is that you get what you pay for.
When the tablet arrived it could not connect to any network due to broken hardware. I returned it to the seller. I got it back repaired just more than a month later.

OK, so how does the (repaired) Cube U21GT perform?

+ It has a fairly powerful hardware, so most things run smoothly on it.
+ The screen is really great. I could not tell the difference from this and the screen of the 1:st generation Nexus 7.

- It has really poor Wi-Fi. The reception is 5-10 dB worse than my phone. Come on! It is a tablet. It should have at least 5 dB better reception than my phone. It also randomly disconnects, even in good conditions, so you have to go to settings and connect it again. The Wi-Fi is also the 2:nd top battery consumer (1:st is the screen), so I wonder what monkey put that circuit/driver together.
- The battery consumption is awful. E-book reading with the lowest screen setting, Wi-Fi off I have managed to squeeze out maximum 4 hours from the battery. Normal usage is 2-3 hours with screen on.
- The battery level meter does not work. When it warns for low battery you may be out of battery, or you may have as much as half your battery capacity left. You just cannot trust the battery meter! (I for one think this is quiet an essential function for a tablet with this enormous battery consumption)
- The sound, both the speaker and through ear phones is all but good. The speaker sounds like someone has put a knife through it and in the ear phones you hear a clearly audible pouring sound that seems to change character with CPU/GPU load
- The original UI is that of a phone. It is rather limiting for a tablet, since most apps run in phone mode.
- It has limited compatibility with Google Play. Many apps cannot be downloaded.
- It claims to output 1080p through HDMI but all you get is an upscaled 1024x600 picture. This means that the picture on the tablet screen actually has higher resolution than what is output through HDMI.
- Finally it has no seal what so ever. At the edge of the screen you can actually see down all the way to the electronics. This means that with time dust is bound to end up between the glass and the screen.

To make the Cube U21GT more useful I have flashed it with a new firmware. I have tried all available, and the one I have found best is “Cube U21GT v1.01 – 4.1.1” by Barabashka. It runs smooth. It has a real tablet UI, it has much better compatibility with Google Play and it is of course rooted. Since it is rooted I also installed Android Tuner by 3C. With this app you can easily fix CPU and memory handling which is not fantastic out of the box. For one thing I changed the CPU governor to hotswap. This gave me slightly better battery performance, and together with better memory handling it also gave an even smoother experience.

Final verdict:
As I said in the beginning, you get what you pay for. It costs 1/3 of the price for a 1:st generation Nexus 7 and it has approximately 1/3 of its performance. Regardless of price this is not enough for me. After I have gotten the UI to work the poor battery time, the unreliable battery meter and the disconnecting W-Fi is just too annoying to be acceptable.
Review by Daniel / (Posted on 9/20/2013)

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