Real Quad Core Tablet PC RK3188 U30GT2 Quad Core Tablet PC 

Allwinner A31 Quad Core ??
NO!!! Too Bad !!

RK3188 Quad Core coming !!!!

Antutu Test:  18000 Score !!!!

Professional Tablet PC manufacturers CUBE Rockchip together devaluation "Real quad-core" the RK3188 quad-core master the first the machine four nuclear peas RK3188 quad-core CPU 1.8GHz peak clocked quad-core the Mali400 MP4 533MHz frequency strengthenEdition GPU 10.1-inch 1920 × 1200 full HD super wide viewing angle retinal display GG 10-point capacitive touch 2GB dual-channel high-speed memory / 32GB storage space / support TF card expansion 2000000 front / rear 5 megapixel autofocus camera triaxialgyroscope flash fuel gauge intelligent light sensor HDMI roll cage design high-performance Wi-Fi Bluetooth module design AAC oversized volume loud speaker simply bunker!

It is learned that the cool the CUBE four nuclear peas 2 has successfully completed the commissioning, production of the first batch of products will be completed before the Spring Festival, we will soon be able to experience the most important to the current "true quad-core" quad-core Tablet PC products CUBE.

RK3188 as domestic's first 28nm quad-core master chip, an international leader in 28nm process; quad-core A9 architecture performance than A7; high-speed InterChip USB interface, 4G - LTE perfect match; ultra-low power consumption, and other unexpected characteristics.

RK3188 domestic's first 28nm quad-core master chip, it is a model of a new generation of ARM processor! The master chip process technology that we often say CPU craftsmanship is the production in the CPU process, ICs finesse. The higher the degree of accuracy, the CPU represents the more advanced production technology. More advanced processes central processor can improve performance and reduce processor power consumption. The Rockchip RK3188 four core master using real world mobile processor the most advanced 28-nanometer process technology.

According to ARM's official website data show that the dual-core A9 outperforms quad-core A7.