Step 2: Unzip the firmware package:
The firmware download compressed unpack: upgrade tool and firmware upgrade drive upgrade instructions, if not installed the proper decompression software (such as: WinRAR), please download and install decompression software. Decompress files as shown below:

Step 3: Install the upgrade tool upgrades

Double-click to open folder as shown below:

2 Double-click the folder the following interface

At this moment, the software automatically find the firmware file, please proceed to upgrade the installation of the driver.

The 4 step is to upgrade driver installation:

Take the Tablet PC connected to your computer, if it is first time to install, you need to install the driver
Install the driver
Note: (before upgrading the firmware, please press the power button off U9GT2 turned off, press and hold U9GT2 "volume down" and hold, while U9GT2 USB interface connected to the computer if you have not installed the device driver, it will pop-up drive installation prompt):
1) Select "install from a list or specific location (Advanced)", click Next. (Note: The driver of the other operating system installation method, just select a different driver files.)

2) Click "Next"after the following dialog box:


Click "Next" Click "Browse" in the pop-up dialog box, select the "Driver" folder under the rockusb.sys the following figure:



Driver installation is completed, click "Finish"
In this way, to complete the U9GT2 the driver installation.

5, the firmware upgrade process:
1 long press “volume down key” For some time while the tablet pc with a PC connection, if the drive installed correctly, the software upgrade will appear below the green box marked:

Click on the "fix" the following interfaces:
3 The following interface is the interface upgrade was successful:


Note: If the tablet pc failures or crashes during the upgrade process, you can click the "repair" and then upgrade.

The error message Description:
A "load configuration information fails, can not operate, replace the Config.ini file to load error, correct Config.ini file can be obtained from the publishing program.
(2) loading firmware fails, you can not operate! "No choice, or firmware firmware can not correctly read the lead, make sure the correct firmware.
(3) other operations are running, please wait! "Due to the ongoing other actions, please wait for the end of the other operating.
(4) did not find the equipment can not operate! "Make sure the device is connected, or whether Rockusb state.
Five. "To create the operational processes fail, can not operate!" Please restart the program before proceeding.
6. "Object create operation fails, can not operate!" Please restart the program, and then line operations.
7 do not support this type of equipment can not operate! "Please confirm whether the device into the Rock, usb state, if the current U-disk state, first switch and then operate.