MINI firmware V1.03,  android UI interface]
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[Android 4.0.4]

[Dual-core pea MINI (7-inch) and dual-core peas (10.1-inch) is not the same paragraph models, the firmware can not be mixed brush. This firmware applies to the fuselage serial number begins to U30GTM system settings to display the model machine U30GT-M refresh recognized before Brush machine model, wrong brush the other machine's firmware may cause damage to the product, resulting The problem can only be responsible for the user.

【Firmware upgrade Notes]

* Upgrade, connect the USB data cable plugged into the back of the computer chassis USB interface, so as not to cause the upgrade to fail because of lack of USB-powered!

The firmware upgrade is used to improve and optimize the performance of the product, no firmware upgrade will not affect the normal use of the product itself.

2, firmware upgrade operation for certain computer operating foundation staff.

3, the firmware upgrade may be due to user error operation resulting product is not working! Please read before operating firmware upgrade tutorial.

4, by product type, product serial number look for firmware upgrade again. The wrong firmware brush other machines may cause damage to the product, the resulting problems can only be responsible for the user.

5, before the firmware upgrade, be sure to self-important data within a good backup machine, the upgrade process will format storage space, the original data will be lost after the upgrade is complete, and can not be restored. Our company is not responsible for the direct and indirect losses caused by the process of data loss compensation user upgrade firmware and products for daily use.

The firmware upgrade process can not disconnect the data cable, you can not upgrade step requires an operation other than to avoid firmware upgrade failed.

7, avoid improper operation failed firmware upgrade, and operate in strict accordance with the firmware upgrade method, If you have any questions, please contact the the machine dealer after-sales department to assist in the firmware upgrade.

Please read before upgrading the firmware package upgrade tutorial, so as not to inconvenience the normal use of the machine as Brush failed!

【Firmware update instructions]

1, manual brightness adjustment will be black;
2, remove the charger when charging correction icon also displays the charging status of the BUG.