To begin with, thank you for the supports and the trust for our products that many fans have accompany with us for several years, and for there are many stores with the same name and in order to make unique that we add both the products with the name of Cube Tablet and Alldocube Tablet.


All of you do not need to worry that all the products with the same equipments as before for the released models such as the Cube Thinker and the Cube iWork10 Pro now with the name of Alldocube Thinker and Alldocube iWork10 Pro, and the price is the same that both of them have updated on our website, and there is no difference if you buy the Cube Freer X9 and get the Alldocube Freer X9. The more detail products information, you can click and look at here:

Last but not least, we are Cube Tablet online store that our aim is to provide the more and more better service for our customers. Any question please contact us, we will try our best to do it for you.