Step 1:

Download the firmware upgrade (Please login to view pictures temporary account number 9871234, 123456)
word documents Download: Cool the CUBE MID Tablet Series upgrade instructions. doc (1.01 MB, Downloads: 9496)

To the official website: CUBE ( download the firmware models.

According to the models firmware download that corresponds to the specific machine model

For example: firmware the K8GT only use K8GT, K8GTB only use K8GTB firmware

Models to identify methods:

The back of the Tablet PC, you can query a serial number.
Style example: SN: K8GT8GB1203XXXX "
So, to find a K8GT the firmware
This Tablet PC is looking K8GTB firmware

Step 2: extract the firmware tarball

Usually downloaded to the firmware is the RAR or ZIP compression format, open the inside we can see is a. Img file. This time we need to unpack a compressed package, get this. Img file.

(2) the host connected to the computer method:

Tablet PC must be turned off, K8GT (ABHL),, K8GT Deluxe Edition, U8GT, U9GT (popular version, leading Edition), U10GT U10GT2, U15GT, U15GT2 these models hold the M button and not let go at the same time connected to the computer USB; U9GT2 hold the volume key "-" key does not release connected to the computer USB.

3 driver installation

First upgrade the firmware, the computer will be prompted to update the driver, the following example to install the upgrade to XP computer drive.

If you have not installed the device driver will pop up the following prompt:

Select "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)", click Next. Driver installation for other operating systems the same way, just choose a different driver files.


Drive path "Rockchip micro-production tools" folder inside the "Driver", choose a different drive according to the computer system

This completes the USB device driver installation.

Third, the firmware upgrade interface

Click on the upper right corner "..." button, select the first step inside the download. Img firmware file

Then, below the "upgrade" or "fix"


This upgrade is complete, wait for the Tablet PC can restart.

Long boot time after the upgrade is complete, make sure the battery is fully charged and wait patiently, if you wait about five minutes into the main interface, to force shutdown and then boot. If you still can not boot up normally, check the firmware is correct, or try to "upgrade" changed to "fix" ("repair" into the "upgrade")

Upgrade tool which does not display a green icon to connect, first the inside of the computer's Device Manager to locate the driver, uninstall and then reinstall.

Right-click My Computer and select Manage unnamed

[Device Manager] inside to find [RK29 device] Right uninstall, uninstalling and re driver installation steps.

. In accordance with the method of driver installation and then reinstall the drive method please refer to the fifth point above the driver installation. If you do not prompt new hardware wizard to the inside of the Device Manager to see if there is no [unknown device], right click and choose Update Driver.

Remarks: 1) If the machine during the upgrade, the upgrade fails or crashes, you can click the "fix" to upgrade the machine again. 2) The firmware upgrade interface Introduction: