Cube Tablet, the famous domestic digital manufacturer, has released a new 64 bit dual 4G smartphone-Cube T9.

This Cube T9 Phablet is equipped with a 64bit computing technology, and matched with a faster response speed, which will bring a more fluent operating feeling as well as more quick touching sense.

The T9 mobile is carried with a Mtk8752V processor with A53 architecture, and a 2.0GHz high frequency. The eight core running at the same time can work with the multitask, offering a higher performance but a lower power consumption. Besides, it also support dual 4G network, and support 5 models 15 frequencies, both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz Wifi, providing a higher transmission speed and is sure to save energy and alectricity.

The octa core 4G Cube tablet uses a 9.7 inch retina screen with 2048*1536 pixels resolution, which can offer a better operating experience when webing the sites, watching films or playing games. It is configurated with Mali-T760 MP2 Graphics and support OpenGL ES 3.0/2.0/1.1, DX11.1 graphics specification as well as the OpenCL 1.1 general calculating. 13MP back camera with auto focus for taking photos, recording, it also support video chat via Skype.

The same as another newly-released Cube Talk7XS, the Cube T9 is also installated with the GPS navigation with the accessories of accervehicle traveling recorder, AR navigation and 3D MAP.

Well, for more detailed information about the Cube tablet please pay attention to the latter news.