Cube RK3188 Quad-Core A9 Tablet PC

CUBE & Rockchip release 1920 * 1200 A9 Quad-Core RK3188 December 4 2012 Cube U30GT2 Quad Core
December 4, 2012, at 10 am, CUBE & Rockchip 28 nm 1920 * 1200 A9 quad-core artifact of the whole network conference, 4G-LTE high-speed communication interface will support data transfer rates of up to 480Mbps, the existing common interface to improve more than 100 times!
Very grateful to you for your attention, CUBE as a leading Tablet PC brand in China, and constantly improve their own products, released this with RK Rockchip RK3188, China's first 28-nanometer core master chip, is a Chinese independent development, independent design, independent innovation initiative!
1, the international leading 28nm process
2, quad-core A9 architecture performance far exceeds the A7
3, high-speed InterChip USB interface, 4G - LTE perfect match