In the past time, there is a clear boundary between two different things that one product just with one character in our daily life. With the development of the science and technology that it is possible for one product with two roles, and the Cube Power M3 has set a good example for us.

Cube Power M3

It is not only with the functions as the tablet such as the Video, Audio and Bluetooth, but also the function of a mobile phone that it supports dual sim card with the signal of 2/3/4G, which is said, in other words, the large version of the phone, while the while the Cube Freer X9 without this convenient function.

In addition, it built in a 8000mAh big capacity battery support fast charge that can also keep working for a long time although equipped with a 10.1 inch screen that the users can enjoy it without any worry while the Cube Knote is equipped with a 4000mAh battery with the help of the Win10 system.

As for the other configuration, it is equipped with MTK6753 Octa Core processor support the functions of Bluetooth, WIFI, speaker etc. and the 2+32GB memory combination support the extend space ups to 128GB that is very convenient to download the files and videos we like and it will bring us a colorful and vivid vision with the 1920*1200 resolution like the Cube iwork10 Pro.