Cube iPlay 8 Tablet Review: Good Entertainment & Video Performance

Cube Tablet has launched a new cost-effective Cube iPlay 8 tablet not long ago, which has strong performance on both entertainment and video playing. Here we will share the Cube iPlay 8 review for you.

Cube iPlay 8

Cube iPlay 8 Size -- Small size, easy to carry
Cube iplay 8 adopts porcelain white color at the front, showing a sense of science and technology. The top of the screen is equipped with front camera, and there is no physical button at the front of the fuselage. Taking cost into consideration, this tablet does not use metal material, but the plastic body feel is also good.

Cube iPlay 8 Cube iPlay 8

Cube iPlay 8 Appearance
Cube iplay 8 uses the gray color on the back of the use of metal, which is very simple. 2.1MP back camera slightly raised at the upper left corner, unfortunately it is not equipped with the flash light. The central is the Cube Logo characters, and the lower right corner is its independent speaker part, which is equipped with sound effects. Cube official said its independent speakers are mainly used to enhance the treble sound quality.

Cube iPlay 8 Cube iPlay 8 Cube iPlay 8

Cube iPlay 8 Ports
The volume button and Power button are concentrated at the right side of the fuselage, and on the left is the TF card slot. Cube iPlay8 tablet only built-in 8GB storage, the only advantage is that it supports TF card expansion, so you no need to worry about its storage. The top of the fuselage are 3.5mm headphone jack, Micro HDMI output interface and charging interface.

Cube iPlay 8 Cube iPlay 8 Cube iPlay 8

What's worth, this tablet has a Micro HDMI port, with which you can output your iPaly8's display screen to your TV, monitors and projectors through the Micro HDMI HD video output cable, so you can create your own private cinema.

Cube iPlay 8 OS -- Outstanding system experience
Cube iplay 8 system interface is very clean. It is pre-installed with Android 6.0 operating system, with 1GB RAM, which is fairly smooth for daily application, including reading e-books, online shopping, chanting, etc. However, it is not suitable for running large games, only some small casual games can be used for entertainment.

Cube iPlay 8

As people for fond of watching movies, 1024 × 600 pixels screen resolution may be not so good, but it can also meet the daily use. What's worth, iPlay8's maximum volume is higher than other products, even in a noisy environment you can hear clearly.

And the 4: 3 screen ratio of iPlay 8 is rare in the current Tablet PC market, but for reading e-books, browsing the web and playing some small games, this ratio seems more appropriate than 16: 9. However, the the black edge both at the up and down when watchig movies is more obvious.

Cube iPlay 8

Cube iPlay 8 Performance & AnTuTu Benchmark
Cube iPlay 8 carries the MTK8163 processor, with 4 × A53 core, 1.3GHz frequency, the Mali T720-MP2 GPU core, with 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM. Here we make the Cube iPlay8 3DMark test, Master Lu test and GeekBench 3 test.

Cube iPlay 8 Cube iPlay 8 Cube iPlay 8 Cube iPlay 8 Cube iPlay 8

Overall, Cube iPlay 8 test score basically matched its hardware parameters, although the hardware performance is not outstanding, it still can meet the daily simple application. 60.99USD price, as an entry-level product, the iPlay 8 hardware level is acceptable.

Cube iPlay 8, as a small entertainment experience of tablet pc, it has its unique advantages, and very suitable for those slight users who do not meet the performance requirements. If you do not have too much demand for the tablet, and just to meet the daily drama, reading, surfing online and other simple tasks, and the budget is not enough, then the Cube iPlay 8 is definitely a worthy of attention product.