From the screen, battery to the price that different people with different requests for the tablet that it is hard to say whether it is the good tablet or not, and what can we say is the suit one is the best one. Today, the topic role is the Cube Freer X9.

cube freer x9

The Freer X9 is equipped with the 8.9 inch screen with the resolution of 2560*1600 that the vision will be vivid and colorful while the Cube Power M3 uses a screen whose resolution is 1920 * 1200 Pixels with the help of the 4+64GB memory combination and Power VR GX6250 GPU that the speed is unforgettable and smooth.

The PowerVRGX6250 graphics processor with the operating frequency up to 700MHz, and the low-power high-quality JDI screen plus GX6250 support stable for Android games that the X9 has a more beautiful Screen and powerful game compatibility. In addition, it supports the 2.4G +5G WIFI that will bring a more faster transmission speed, which is the selling point compared to the Cube iwork10 Pro. More detail information please look at here: